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Frequently Asked Questions: We will continue to periodically update this.

NpCloud Solutions FAQs

How do I Invest in the company?

Email us at to get more details on investment. We are accepting new investors.

How do you all intend to handle technical support matters once the EHR is developed and in use? 

The EHR will have a Tech support team once it's live; the developers offer the option to manage that. They will also train our in-house team on basic tech support. We are using Amazon Web services for our hosting and security(both have reasonable monthly fees). The system will be kept up to date.

Will there be an open beta / closed beta prior to launch

Yes, the product will go through beta testing before we Launch. Issues found with the beta testing will be fixed before Launch.

Estimated time to launch

2-3 Months. The developers committed to working on expediting the process.

Can this be used in all States?

Yes. It can be used in any state in the US. E-prescribing/EPCS will be Valid for all states.

How will we be marketing it?

Social Media Marketing and Traditional Marketing. Most of our target customers are on Facebook and other social media sites. We will perform targeted advertising in addition to word of mouth.

How much will it cost per month/per year? 

These are approximations. Our goal is to cut the cost by 40% based on current systems pricing. This will mean Providers who E-prescribe and order labs paying $70-120 and non prescribing providers paying $50-70. We will have a definite price model before launch. 

Is the cost per user or per clinic?

Per User. Large volume clinics will have discounts.

How will this be different than other EMRs?

This will be a highly customized EHR. We guarantee to provide a higher quality product with lower costs compared to other EHRs market. The biggest difference also is that healthcare providers designed it. Provider surveys were done to ensure we carry the most needed features. 

What occurs in the event you fail to acquire the needed capital? 

We will hold a meeting to discuss. If the investors are willing to increase their ownership to meet the deficits, then we will go forward. We have made a lot of progress and are nearing the finish line.

Request for a detailed timeline.

We are in the final stages of development. The developers timeline to completion is 2-3 Months  but they will work their best to expedite. With more funding more developers can be added to the team for faster completion. 

Do you plan on instituting a FHIR based server so third party systems can easily read and write data to the EHR?

Yes. Our Developers offers products that are FHIR and HL7 enabled.

Is the EHR flexible to be used nationwide/ across multiple states?

Yes, the EHR can be used in any state you are licensed in.

Also can it be used with multiple clinic locations across different time zones? 

The EHR Can be used in any State. Our E-prescribe will be Surescripts certified so all guidelines are met. If a clinic is located in different time zones, we will work with our developers in ensuring that a user can set their time zone at the time of sign up.

What will be available for standard templates?

We can add all templates we need to the System. As we progress, we will survey providers for the most used templates and add them on to the system. You will also have the ability to create your own templates.

Does EPCS fully integrate into the EHR by loading current meds into note?

The Eprescribe with EPCS will be built into the EHR so you don't have to go to a different website. If you want to integrate current meds into the note/plan it is possible.

Would it have transferring records capability?

Yes. The product will meet all interoperability standards with Data Exchange.

Will it be Medicare & Medicaid compliant?

Yes. It will also have features that include all the reporting and quality measurement capabilities. It will meet all requirements included with the CURES update.

Will it have intake forms and consent forms to fill out before appointments and will it have a scheduler (maybe even an online way for established pts to schedule themselves) like Acuity or IntakeQ? 

Yes. We will have Intake Forms that can be completed by the patient and flow back to their chart in the EHR. We also have a built in scheduler with ability to send appoitment links for patients doing telehealth. 

We also have care/treatment plans built in/customizable. 

And can we obtain electronic signatures with a topaz pad?

We can have Topaz software integrated to forms requiring signatures, but users responsible for any additional costs involved.  

Is there any way to build in a system that can build in some CEU kind of resources like up to date? So if we do a quick search on the system we will get CEU credits for it?

This will be a multi-phase project. Our first project will be to build a working EHR with Billing. One of Phase 2 projects will involve creating CEU programs that are accredited by ANCC and State Boards. We will get there, long term plan is to build an ecosystem that enables providers to be self sustaining.

What kind of liability is there for the owners of an EHR?

The company will carry business insurance including cyber liability coverage. The EHR will be built to meet Hipaa standards, high security standards and design flow tested before rollout. We will of course update the system over time as issues are identified. As with any business, investments have risks, we aim to keep everything stable but in uncertain times we have to be prepared for anything. The worst that can come to the investors is a loss of investment amount, we have an effective management structure working hard to achieve our goals and avoid such uncertainty.

Comment: anything that is not explicitly included in the initial package will be an extra charge after, at whatever the developer wants to charge since now you have no choice.

 PMPs databases are built in, so you can check patients controlled substance history directly from the medications page. Other add ons be responsibility of the User. Items like Dictation software will be the responsibility of the user, we can make it Dictation enabled but you pay the Dictation providers. We offer all essential features needed in a working EMR at no additional cost

How will the system be updated for coding/billing changes?

We will have a technology team that will make sure all system are up to date to keep up with the changes.

Will the users need in-house billers or can they use out-sourced?

This is up to the users. Our system will enable you to generate superbills and send to a Clearinghouse like Availity, AdvancedMD, Change Healthcare or any other. If the user feels like they need a third party for this, it is up to them at their charge. With enough funding, we will build our own clearinghouse so you can do everything within our systems. 

How would we move our old files from our old systems to this new one?

The system will meet Interoperability standards. You will be able to transfer records from your old system to ours.

Will parts of the forms be linked to billing to make doing charge slips easier?


If monies are collected from new Investors- how will that flow back into the business?

All money collected from new Investors will go into the Corporation business account. The amount collected will be used to run/maintain the business(development, tech support, annual certification fees, managing team compensation etc).The money will also be reinvested in solutions that benefits the providers. 

Will we have a beta?

Yes. We will have a beta before full launch.

The patient portal is critical for our telehealth company. Will there be a patient portal available for patients to sign consents, assessments and what not?

Yes, Patient portal will be included with the ability to send documents to patients for response and signatures.

****More updates to come. If you have any questions, email us at 

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